Workspace, reimagined.

Flexible Location

Have a parking space? You have room for a WorkSpace. Backyard. Parking lot. Construction site. City. Country.

Stunning Modern Design

Minim WorkSpace is cousin to Minim House, our mobile micro home with 3 American Institute of Architects awards for design.

On Or Off Grid

Plug WorkSpace into an existing standard outlet, or choose the solar/battery option for working in remote locations.

Flexible Space

Studio. Home office. Business startup. On site construction + sales. Office expansion space. 80ft2.

Office Convenience

Full office model includes keyless entry, 5’ electric sit/standing desk + conference table, 6′ foot sofa, noiseless ac+heat, LED lighting, microwave, sink, fridge.

No Permit Needed

WorkSpace is a licensed trailer, park it anywhere you can legally park a car for an extended period.



Get your Minim WorkSpace

WorkSpace manufacturing  is on hold. We have one unit (as shown) for sale for $42,500.  Email for more information on purchasing. See FAQ’s below for more details about the WorkSpace.


What are lease pricing and terms?

Monthly lease pricing per unit is as follows: $675 (open floorplan/no casework/on-grid), $775/month (full office/on-grid) or $925/month (full office/off-grid). Delivery and setup fee $250. Refundable $1,000 deposit to confirm lease. Minimum 6 month lease.

Can I buy it instead of leasing?


How long for delivery?

We are currently signing leases for delivery March 2017.

Do these need to be permitted?

Minim Workspace is a mobile, licensed, 8’6’’ x 12’ trailer, and may be parked anywhere you may legally park a car for an extended time period (street parking is not allowed). No additional permitting for the actual unit is required.

If you will be using the unit to conduct a business, you may have to comply with local business registration and zoning requirements.

Can I tow the unit to another location once it is delivered?

For security and to minimize our insurance expenses, WorkSpace units have their hitches locked upon initial delivery for the duration of the lease. We can reposition units for a service fee.

How does insurance work?

Optional General Liability and Damage Waiver is available as part of the lease package. General Liability covers third party liability of the building arising from use, occupancy, and/or maintenance of the leased modular building while at your location. It covers bodily injury and property damage. The Damage Waiver covers direct physical damage to the modular building. The cost for both is $40/month.

If providing your own insurance you must agree to supply your agency information as follows: I (the lessee) have insurance in accordance with the lease agreement. I will deliver the required certificates of insurance to Minim Built LLC prior to delivery of the leased equipment. Minim Built LLC must be listed as “Additional Insured” with $1,000,000 minimum liability coverage & “Loss Payee” to include the full insurance value. If I fail to deliver the required insurance certificates prior to delivery, I understand that Minim Built LLC has the right to add both the Optional General Liability and Damage Waiver Program to my lease.

Do the units come with Wi-Fi?

We do not provide Wi-Fi service as part of the monthly rental fee. We recommend cellular hotspot services.

Do I need the off-grid option?

If you do not have a single dedicated 15amp, 120V outlet to plug the unit into, you will need the off-grid option. The off-grid option adds a 1.5kW solar array, l battery bank, and all electronics to fully power the Workspace- all lighting, outlets, heat, air-conditioning. Note: the off-grid system is not designed for continual full overnight use, requires some sun exposure, and must be switched off when the Workspace is unoccupied.

Is there a bathroom option?

Currently there is not. We expect that the majority of the WorkSpaces will be sited adjacent to existing homes and business with bathroom facilities.

I’m press, how do I get in touch?

About Us

The Minim mission is to bring value + joy to underutilized spaces through efficient + stunning design.

We think small is big, produce the award winning Minim House and spread the gospel through the non-profit Micro Showcase.


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Brian Levy

Marketing + Sales + Press


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